Paintable - Multi-touch table

As I have only recently become a project manager I have been thinking back over previous projects I have worked on and my only experience before of being a project manager was in my masters year at the University of Strathclyde. With a team of 7 people, a load of Java code, a budget of £2000 and 12-weeks to do it (along side our dissertations and other classes) we managed to pull together something quite remarkable - a multi-touch table.

Using the reacTIVision software toolkit (, a Mac mini,a projector, a piece of perspex and a table from Ikea we produced an extensible framework from which the university could add new applications.

The following Youtube links show the table being used as a paint application , and also a simple checkers game.

Paintable - Multitouch interaction:

Paintable - Checkers game:

Not perfect but the concept is there! Oh and before anyone comments about it I do know that my .NET blog's first proper post contains Java and no .NET at all!

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