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Check AdSense on the go - Android

As soon as I joined the AdSense programme the first thing I wanted to be able to do was to check my earnings on the move on my phone.

Let me introduce you to AdSense Dashboard>n

Check your earnings today, yesterday, this month, this year and all time! What more do you need!

P.s its free!

Allow users to download file from your site

I was recently asked to provide a download link to allow users of my website to download a file (a word document).

After an initial Google it seemed that this was going to be a lot more complicated than I thought, but in reality the solution is incredibly simple!

Within your website, create a folder (e.g. named downloads) where you will keep the files that users can download.Within your webpage (or ASP.NET page) add a simple anchor tag (that's the <a>... </a> you usually use for links.Set the href property to the location of the file to download. It's that simple - so you should end up with a tag like:
<a href="../Downloads/documentToDownload.doc">Click here to download file!</a>
Clicking this in your page instead of linking to a page will simply start downloading the file in your browser - easy!