Set JAVA_HOME in Windows 7

A common hassle whenever you get a new laptop or PC is setting up the java environment variables so that when you install Eclipse or Netbeans you are ready to go. For your, and my own future reference, this is how it is done (on Windows 7 at least).

1. Find out where you have installed the JDK, or install it from here:

e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_04

2. Press the Windows button and type in "Environment Variables" and press enter.

This will open the following window:

3. Under System Variables, click "New..." and enter JAVA_HOME for the variable name, and the path to your jdk for your variable value:

4. Press OK.

5. Select the variable "Path" and choose to Edit this, and add the following at the end of the string:


6. Press OK, and then OK to the main dialog. You will now have your Java environment variables set up correctly.

That should be it - if I've missed anything out or you have any problems let me know!

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