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Eclipse - Editor hidden - Fix!

I hit a weird error today where in Eclipse I couldn't seem to open any files - the editor seemed to be minimized somehow! Even restarting eclipse didn't fix it. After a bit of playing about - I've got a solution I thought I would share.

Go to Window -> New Window. This will open a second instance of Eclipse. Notice you can now open files again. But you aren't done - you need Eclipse to remember this setting.Close the old window (the one you couldn't open files with) first.Now close the new window (the one you can open files with). This will persist your new setting (where you want  to be able to open files!). Open Eclipse - you should be back in business. Hope this helps someone :-)

Promoting your own apps - AdMob in-house ad campaigns

As I've mentioned in my previous blogs, the amount an app will earn you is relative to the number of installs you have. To get installs, you need many things, from a great app to a marketing strategy.

So how can you market your own app on a budget?

One thing I have trialed this week for the first time is using AdMob's in-house ad campaigns. Essentially, you sacrifice showing someone else's ad in your app (which affects your income) in order to show ads for your own apps. It costs you nothing (except lost revenue..) but in theory it should build up more downloads for your other apps and make you more money long term.

In only 1 week I've found this to be a very effective way of launching a new app. You can build on the success of your other apps and help your new app get traction. It's great. But it's not free. You will notice a drop in income to begin with (after a week, I'm still down daily on what I'd usually get) as I'm showing a lot of my own ads. I…

Top 5 tips for maximising app revenue

There are many ways of monetizing your apps but here are the 5 top things you can do to maximize your apps potential. Note there is one theme that runs throughout these tips - the revenue of your app is relative to the the usage of your app.

Display interstitial ads. This was the one change I made to my apps which instantly saw my revenue almost treble. I had previously been showing banner ads within my apps but adding interstitial ads made my revenue boom. Be careful however that you don't drive users away from your app, remember the revenue of your app is relative to the the usage of your app.
Establish your app early on before adding ads. I find that ads can be a turn off to users, and every install counts when you are trying to establish your app. The best thing to do is to let the app gain momentum and user base before introducing ads. After all if you have a handful of users adding ads isn't going to gain you more revenue. Remember, the revenue of your app is relative to t…

Checking income on the go

As I mentioned in my first post you can quickly get addicted to your apps and tracking their progress. To do this, you'll want to get stats on the go. There are a few apps on the play store market, and I use a combination of these to get the statistics I need.
1. Google AdSense

This app gives you your days stats. There are handy indicators as to whether yesterdays stats were up or down, and whether your month is up or down on this time last month - very handy! Let's just hope you see lots of green arrows and not red ones.
2. AdSense Dashboard
AdSense Dashboard is an app I've used since I first started monetizing my apps. 
My favourite feature about this is the 2 week history - where you can work out how much you are averaging over a two week period so you can try and forecast future outcome. 
There are many other apps out there but these are the ones I use. 
So what about tracking your store ratings and downloads? That is another story altogether - I've yet to find a good too…

The App Graveyard - The Depressing side of App Development

App development is great. People do it for fun, people do it for work and people do it for both. The barriers of entry to creating your own app (especially Android) are so low you can literally publish an app in a few hours and the statistics available let you track your apps progress in almost real time. The thrill of watching an app soar in terms of downloads and rank is amazing, and only rivalled by watching the money you make from an app soar. That is the justification for starting this blog - to document lessons learned and to share the joy I gain from writing apps. However, this first blog post focusses on another side of app development I've just discovered for the first time - the massive lows after the initial thrills.
My story starts in September 2012 when I published my first ever app. I started developing apps as a way to keep my technical skills up to date. I have a Masters in Computer Science and had a full time job as a Software Developer, but was transitioning to …