Checking income on the go

As I mentioned in my first post you can quickly get addicted to your apps and tracking their progress. To do this, you'll want to get stats on the go. There are a few apps on the play store market, and I use a combination of these to get the statistics I need.

This app gives you your days stats. There are handy indicators as to whether yesterdays stats were up or down, and whether your month is up or down on this time last month - very handy! Let's just hope you see lots of green arrows and not red ones.

AdSense Dashboard is an app I've used since I first started monetizing my apps. 

My favourite feature about this is the 2 week history - where you can work out how much you are averaging over a two week period so you can try and forecast future outcome. 

There are many other apps out there but these are the ones I use. 

So what about tracking your store ratings and downloads? That is another story altogether - I've yet to find a good tool for this. I've tried App Annie but couldn't get this to work so the search goes on...

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